First Flush Darjeeling 2022 - Rohini Spring Blossom

First Flush Darjeeling 2022 - Rohini Spring Blossom

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This is an early first flush tea, available just after winter. It's from the Rohini Tea Estate, the youngest tea estate of Darjeeling. Rohini is mostly the first garden to produce the first flush each year. The dry leaves are a bright green in appearance and consist of finely plucked whole leaves. It has a tantalizing sweet aroma of fruit with abundant fresh flavor. The cup is very fruity and mellow with rich notes. The flavor is full and leaves a bright pleasant and distinctive lingering aftertaste. The low temperatures of the winter impart a very distinct character to the tea.

It is important to brew young first flush Darjeeling teas properly. Do not oversteep, as they can quickly become bitter and unpalatable.  

1 heaping teaspoon tea leaves for every cup of water.

Use water at 190 degrees

Steep 3 minutes.  We recommend tasting your brew at 2 minutes, and then allowing another minute if you wish.  Do not go over 3 minutes! 

Strain, sip, and enjoy one of the finest teas of the year!