Wuyi Rock - Organic

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Rock tea (“Yan Cha”) refers to teas that grow in the wilds of China within or around the hilly, rocky formations. This very special, protected “Wu Yi Shan” region is within a United Nations sanctioned and protected nature preserve in western Fujian province. The harvesting of these precious teas may only be plucked with permission from the state. "Plucking Rights" are granted to local families who collect the leaf in a labor-intensive process. The rocky, sandy soil conditions help contribute to a legendary terroir (referring to the desirable impact of local soil conditions, altitude, latitude and climate). After harvesting, the leaves undergo a lengthy process of withering (reducing moisture), tumbling, oxidizing, rolling, roasting and final drying. This ultra-special Oolong tea is often reserved for very special guests or as a gift of honor that any tea aficionado will treasure.

 How to Brew this Tea: 

Amount of Tea per 6 oz water – 1 heaping teaspoon
Water Temperature - 194º
Time of Steeping - 3-7 minutes

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