Yoga Thrive™

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Yoga Thrive™ Tea

Our Yoga Tea was inspired by the transformative practice of Yoga, and its many benefits for the body and the mind.  A cup of our Yoga tea before or after your practice can enhance your experience by improving circulation to your muscles and extremities, Our Yoga Thrive tea is designed to support and enhance wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  With herbs that have been used for centuries as tonics and adaptogens, this exclusive blend is both awakening and relaxing, restorative and nourishing.   

*Contains Caffeine

Ingredients:  green tea, nettles, ginkgo, hawthorn leaf and flower, lemon balm, spearmint, astragalus, oatstraw

Amount of Tea per 6 oz water – 1 teaspoon
Water Temperature - 210º 
Time of Steeping - 4-5 minutes

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