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Bodum Tea For One - White

Bodum Tea For One - White

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This decorative and functional TEA FOR ONE allows free-swirling tea leaves to release their full potential. No tea bags required. The finely woven plastic filter ensures that leaves and kernels remain within the strainer while brewing, allowing the aroma of the tea to fully evolve without the messy remains of tea leaves escaping into the cup. The filter is 93 mm (3.7 inches) high and fits into most mugs. The TEA FOR ONE features a multi-functional lid: while placed on the strainer, the lid helps to keep the water warm while the tea is brewing. After the brewing, the lid can be used as a saucer for the tea infuser. For a second cup of tea, often, the same tea leaves can be reused. Remove the strainer from the saucer/lid, reinsert into the cup and add more hot water. 12 oz.


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