Dong Ding Oolong

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Originating from the high mountain of Nantou county in Taiwan, we are pleased to offer this exquisite selection of one of the most famous teas in Taiwan.  The Nantou region gets morning sunshine, followed by an afternoon mist, leading to teas that are tender and aromatic.  These sweet leaves attract the cicadas, who leave a secretion on the leaf that gives it its characteristic honey-like smell - a good indication that the tea is organically grown as pesticides would keep the cicadas away. 

Dong Ding (often called Tung Ting) is a tightly rolled oolong with a distinct honey aroma and flavor. The leaves are a deep green and brew a cup with a bright, golden yellow liquor.  

Now available in our small Black Tea Paper Canister - the perfect size to sample one of our Limited Edition Premium Teas.  

How to Brew this Tea: 
Amount of Tea per 6 oz water – 1 teaspoon
Water Temperature - 212º 
Time of Steeping - 3 minutes (can be infused 2-3 times)