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Moonshine - Glenburn Estate First Flush Darjeeling

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The Glenburn “Moonshine Tea“ is an early spring tea processed similar to a First Flush tea, only the process is a lot gentler with lighter oxidation. It is actually Darjeeling springtime in a cup, sweet, delicate and refined, light and bright, with citrusy high notes. This has the appearance of an Oolong but flavor of a First Flush. Though closest to a white tea, it almost defies classification.

This tea is the very first harvest of the new Spring season, only the most tender shoots are selected to be picked by hand from the prized clonal tea bushes of the renown Glenburn Estate in Darjeeling.

This specialty and premium selection is made in very small batches using only the most experienced tea pickers.  It’s manufactured with extreme care in a process similar to the production of white tea – which preserves the natural health giving properties The ambient temperature of the Spring air is perfect for a natural wither, and a gentle roll with very little pressure, along with the slightest touch of oxidation, allows the leaves to remain intact right through to the final infusion.

The cup is a clear bright lemon in color, light and subtle on the palate with floral and citrus undertones.

How to Brew this Tea:

Amount of Tea per 6 oz water - 1 heaping teaspoon

Water Temperature - 185º

Time of Steeping - 3-4 minutes

Can be re-brewed 


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