House Tea Gift Set: Boulder Breakfast Black & Mystic Mountain Green

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This gift set contains a full tin of two of our most popular teas, our house black blend, Boulder Breakfast, and our house green, Mystic Mountain.  The tins are nestled in a logo wood box, and make a great gift for the tea lover in your life.

Boulder Breakfast™ is a hearty blend of malty Indian Assam, with the sherry-rich notes of Chinese Keemun, and the complex brightness of Chinese Yunnan.

Our special Organic Mystic Mountain™ Mao Feng is perhaps the quintessential Chinese green tea.  Each scrumptious infusion presents a full-flavored, yet complex green tea considered to be "classically traditional" in its sensory profile; slightly vegetal overall profile and hints of light sweetness, very faint smokiness and optimized astringency…within a hint of grass…a bit of a sweet finish.