White Darjeeling Spring Bai Mu Dan Gopaldhara Estate 2021

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This rare selection is grown from the Chinese Da Bai (Big White) varietal in the famed Darjeeling tea region in India. The plants are grown at the highly renowned Gopaldhara tea estate. Enjoy this selection to experience the Darjeeling terroir represented in this classic Chinese varietal.

Grown between 2000 - 3500 feet (600 - 1065 meters) the plants are exposed to a cool, dry climate. They are dormant during winter months, sprouting the first leaves of the year during early spring. This causes the plants to grow more slowly allowing nutrients and essential oils to be stored in the leaves. 

The leaves are harvested by hand during March, only plucking the newest bud and two leaves. They are then sun withered and dried to fix the leaves (halt oxidation). The result is an incredibly fresh, picturesque leaf that is greenish-gray in appearance with silvery tips

The pale almond colored white tea has a mellow, floral aroma with hints of stonefruit. The palate showcases the terroir of the estate, ending in a clean finish. The minerality of the estate’s gardens shines through, complimented by midtones of rich umami, with a light touch of peach blossom.

Color: Pale Almond
Aroma: Mellow, Floral, Stonefruit
Palate: Terroir
Finish: Clean
Top Note: Minerality
Mid Note: Rich, Umami
End Note: Peach Blossom


How to Make White Tea:
Amount: 1 tspn
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 200º
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes