Gift Set - House Black and Green Tea

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Our house gift set contains two tins of loose leaf tea. 

Boulder Breakfast™ Black Tea Our Boulder Breakfast™ Blend is our best selling tea, and was custom designed just for us to create a well balanced, hearty blend that holds up well to the addition of either milk or lemon. We start with high quality, whole leaf teas including a rich, malty Assam from India and a strong, bold, smooth Keemun from China. To this, we add a small amount of top grade Golden Tippy Yunnan to bring a hint of bright sweetness to the finish of this blend. The Boulder Breakfast™ has been our house black tea, and number one best -seller since we opened in 1998.

4 oz. tin

Mystic Mountain™ Green Tea - Our special Organic Mystic Mountain™ Mao Feng is perhaps the quintessential Chinese green tea. Mao Feng is meticulously harvested and hand-crafted in the early Spring. The leaves are gently rolled with great uniformity. Each scrumptious infusion presents a full-flavored, yet complex green tea considered to be "classically traditional" in its sensory profile; slightly vegetal overall profile and hints of light sweetness, very faint smokiness and optimized astringency…within a hint of grass…a bit of a sweet finish.

2.6 oz. tin