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<br><strong>The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chanoyu</strong><br>Omotesenke Tea School<br>Saturday | 7:00 pm

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chanoyu
Omotesenke Tea School
Saturday | 7:00 pm

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Chanoyu, Japanese Tea Ceremony members will demonstrate the art of Japanese tea ceremony, and provide opportunity for the audience to participate with the ceremony.  The demonstration includes explanation of the history of the tea ceremony and its cultural significance.  Dressed in traditional kimono, the tea hosts will demonstrate a full tea ceremony with narration.  The audience will be invited to join the ceremony for a hands-on experience as they receive tea and get a feeling of the Chanoyu (the way of tea). Ms. Hiroko Akima, tea sensei, and her students host the demonstration.  Living in Lafayette, Ms. Akima is an active tea teacher of Omotesenke Tea School.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations made more than two weeks before the event will receive a full refund.  Cancellation within two weeks of the event are non-refundable.

Location of events:

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

1770 13th St. Boulder, CO 80302

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