Winter Red Thunder Gold – Frosted Red Oolong - Gopaldhara Estate

Winter Red Thunder Gold – Frosted Red Oolong - Gopaldhara Estate

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This limited edition Darjeeling tea is harvested during the Autumn flush of the AV2 clones at the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. AV2 is one of the region's most prestigious cultivars, especially grown at high altitudes. Pair this premium selection with baked goods for an indulgent experience.

Grown at high altitudes between 5,500 - 7,000 feet this selection is subject to a cool, arid climate allowing the plants to grow slowly. The slow growth drives the development of l-theanine in the leaves, which gives the leaves a rich umami flavor and is said to promote relaxation. This selection is well oxidized offering moderate caffeine.

A reddish amber liquor has a light, ripe aroma. The palate is woody and sweet, with a lush finish exhibiting the earthy terroir of the gardens. Top notes of apricot complement mid tones of muscatal, ending with prominent minerality.

Color: Reddish Amber
Aroma: Light, Ripe
Palate: Woody, Sweet
Finish: Lush, Earthy
Top Note: Apricot
Mid Note: Muscatal
End Note: Terroir (Minerality)

How to Make Oolong Tea:
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 190º
Steep Time: 3 minutes
2nd/3rd Steep Time: 2 minutes