Cherry Rose Sencha - Organic

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This delicious flavored green tea is made with Japanese Sencha, a light touch of sweet, cherry essence, and fragrant rose petals. Created to emulate cherry blossoms during spring in Japan, this blend is perfect brew hot or as cold brew iced tea. Pair this selection with light chicken and seafood for a rich combination.

Sencha is a classic Japanese green tea produced by shading the leaves during the growing process, and steaming them after a brief oxidation period. The sweet leaves are complimented by a fruity touch of cherry, and balanced with a light rose fragrance. The blend is a well balanced, luxurious selection.

The pale yellow liquor has a floral aroma. The palate is smooth, and sweet with an aromatic finish. Light umami notes are complimented with midtones of cherry, and endnotes of rose.

Color: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Floral
Palate: Smooth, Sweet
Finish: Aromatic

Top Note: Umami
Mid Note: Cherry
End Note: Rose

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 212º
Steep Time: 3-7 minutes

How to Make Iced Tea
Amount: ½ cup
Cold Water: 1 Gallon
Water Temperature: Cold
Steep Time: 4-6 Hours Refrigerated