Golden Tippy Yunnan

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Yunnan tea has a unique golden hue that comes from the young, unopened buds. Filled with many golden tips, this premium selection offers a rich, complex flavor profile. Enjoy this tea at any time to brighten your day.

Yunnan, China is a western province that is the home to the oldest known tea plants. Loose leaf varieties took root in the western region to meet additional demand during the second world war, as exports from the eastern region was not possible. Leaves grown in this area are traditionally compressed and processed similar to Puerh tea. This method of production spans as far back as 200 BCE. 

The amber liquor has a bold, malty aroma. The full bodied flavor comes together with a clean finish.

Color: Amber
Aromatics: Bold, Malt
Palate: Full Body, Malt
Finish: Clean

How to Make Black Tea
Amount: 1 teaspoon
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 212º
Steep Time: 3 minutes