Herbal Tea Gift Set - 3 Teas

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Our Herbal Tea Gift Set includes three of our exclusive, hand crafted herbal teas created by our own expert certified herbalist. 

Organic Namaste Blend™ (2.1oz) - This blend is artfully crafted to support meaningful meditation practices, with a base of organic white tea for energy and a range of herbs to enhance circulation, relaxation, memory, and cognition.

Organic 7 Chakra Tea™ (3.1oz) - An organic herbal tea ‘balances and supports intrinsic human energies’ (Chakras). Most of these tonifying, balancing herbs are indigenous to the Rocky Mountain region. Each puts forth an exquisite, revitalizing boost of solid botanical goodness.

Organic Yoga Thrive™ (3.2oz) - Enhance your yoga practice with our premium blend tea that supports circulation, flexibility and amplifies wellness. The transformative practice of yoga, along with our Yoga Thrive™ tea, will nourish your system, reduce stress and inflammation, and amplify vitality.

Packed in our new, custom designed box with artful elements from The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, this gift set offers a variety of herbal teas that will enliven your taste buds, spirits and body.