Namaste Blend™ Organic

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This blend is artfully crafted to support meaningful meditation practices, with a base of organic white tea for energy and a range of herbs to enhance circulation, relaxation, memory, and cognition.

How to Brew this Tea: 

Use 1 Tablespoon of tea per cup of water. Steep 3-8 minutes and enjoy!

Iced Tea: Brew as above and chill or double the amount of tea and pour over a full glass of ice.

Ingredients: White Tea (organic), Rosemary (organic), Lemon Balm Leaf (organic), Ginkgo Leaf (organic), Eleuthero Root (organic), Hawthorn Leaf and Flowers (organic), Lemongrass (organic), Oatstraw (organic), Lotus Blossom (organic, wildcrafted).