Aged Ti Kuan Yin

Aged Ti Kuan Yin

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This aged oolong tea is made from the premium Chinese tea, Ti Kuan Yin. The name translates to “Iron Goddess of Mercy” and represents some of China’s most celebrated oolongs. This refined selection is a perfect addition to a connoisseurs collection, and is approachable enough to share with all of your guests.

The dry leaves are a dark forest green with hints of a mossy color. They are twisted, gnarled, and bunched into non uniform pellets that open when hit with water. They give off a smooth, rich aroma. Once steeped they open to reveal the toothy, jagged, broken edges from the oxidation process. The color takes on a more consistent dark, mossy hue. The hot water opens up a sweet, fruity aroma. 

The liquor is golden in color with a smooth, rich aroma giving notes of toasted graham. The palate is medium bodied, and balanced with a lush finish. Flavors of sweet umami lead into rich mid tones of brioche, with toasty end notes of graham.


Color: Golden
Aroma: Smooth, Rich
Palate: Medium Body, Balanced
Finish: Lush

Top Notes: Sweet, Umami
Mid Notes: Rich, Brioche
End Notes: Toasted Graham


How to Make Oolong Tea:

English Style
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 6oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 3 minutes
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 3 minutes
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade

Chinese Style (Gongfu)
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 4oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 20 Seconds
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 20 Seconds
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade