Bath Tea Gift Set: Sore Old Body Soak

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Turn your bathtub into a giant cup of tea! Take a long and relaxing soak with one of our herbal bath teas, allowing the water to gently infuse your body with the healing and beneficial properties of the herbs in our unique, handcrafted blends. 

Each Bath Tea Kit comes with a bag of premium, hand-blended bath tea, a mesh tea ball infuser, and an adorable metal bathtub to hold the infuser when you remove it from the water. 

Our Sore Old Body Soak Bath Tea is blended to offer relaxation to tired sore muscles with herbs that are known to be anti-inflammatory and healing.  Whether healing for a pulled muscle or soft tissue injury, or just being Old and Tired, this bath tea is sure to both relax and reduce discomfort. 

Ingredients include: chamomile, meadowsweet herb and flower, echinacea, yarrow, heather

4 oz. of bath tea included.