Flower Bud Puerh

Flower Bud Puerh

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This is an incredibly unique tea made with only young tea flowers. The flowers are sun dried and aged, imparting the qualities of a robust puerh. Enjoy this caffeine free, flavorful selection as a nightcap or to compliment a hearty meal.

The grayish, sage green, pinecone shaped flower buds are coated in fine white hairs (bai hao), sought after in premium white teas. They are lightly russetted at the stems, and brew a robust, earthy liquor. The steeped leaves reveal the sage color underneath the fine white hair, and offer a full, slightly smoky aroma.

The liquor is clear, and pale in color. The aroma is bold and fresh, leading to an earthy palate with a clean finish. A bright touch of granite leads to a light, fresh sweetness, ending with notes of leather and smoke.


Color: Clear, Pale
Aroma: Bold, Fresh
Palate: Robust, Earthy
Finish: Clean

Top Notes: Bright, Granite
Mid Notes: Fresh, Sweet
End Notes: Earthy, Leather, Smoke

How to Make Puerh Tea:
English Style
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 6oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 3 minutes
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 3 minutes
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade

Chinese Style (Gongfu)
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 4oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 20 Seconds
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 20 Seconds
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade