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Genmaicha is a classic Japanese green tea that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is created by blending Ichibancha, the first yearly harvest of Sencha leaves, with toasted brown rice grains. When combined with matcha powder the blend is referred to as Matcha-Iri Genmaicha, translating to “Genmaicha with added tea powder.” Choose this incredible selection for a rich, flavorful experience.

Traditionally the toasted brown rice was added as a filler, allowing all classes of people to enjoy the blend. Leaves harvested later in the year, Bancha, were used in the original blends but contemporary options may include different grades of tea leaves depending on the desired flavor profile and market. This selection uses Ichibancha Sencha as the base.

A pale green colored cup offers pleasant aromas of toasted rice. Rich, umami flavors develop into a light, buttery finish.

Color: Pale Green
Aroma: Toasted Rice
Palate: Rich, Umami
Finish: Light, Buttery

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 teaspoon
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 180º
Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

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