Green Tea Gift Set - 3 Teas

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Our Green Tea Gift Set includes a traditional Chinese green tea along with two distinct and delicious flavored green teas. 

Our special Organic Mystic Mountain™ Mao Feng (2.4oz) is perhaps the quintessential Chinese green tea.  Mao Feng is meticulously harvested and hand-crafted in the early Spring with the leaves gently rolled with great uniformity, presenting a full-flavored, yet complex green tea. 

Organic Cherry Rose Sencha (3.7oz) - This fun blend combines classic Sencha style green tea with a perfect amount of sweet-cherry essence and a hint of rose blossom, creating a smooth, never bitter or grassy, and wonderfully thirst-quenching green tea.

Jasmine Chung Feng (4oz) - This organically produced jasmine tea has delicately worked leaves and lots of white tips. At the end of processing all jasmine flowers are removed, preserving the subtle lightness of the tea.

Packed in our new, custom designed box with artful elements from The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, this gift set offers a wide variety of green teas that can be enjoyed in any season.

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