Hand Rolled Spring Beauty – First Flush Darjeeling 2024 - FTGFOP1 Clonal AV2

Hand Rolled Spring Beauty – First Flush Darjeeling 2024 - FTGFOP1 Clonal AV2

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We have recently stocked one of the best Darjeeling teas from the Rohini Garden at the
Gopaldhara Estate in Darjeeling, India. The garden estimates only 70 kg of this rare tea will be available to consumers. Two leaves and a bud are plucked from the first growth of the 2024 season to produce this excellent first flush. Add this incredible selection to your collection or give it as one of the best gifts for tea lovers.

AV2 Tea leaves are grown at 5500 - 7000 ft in elevation to produce this specialty tea. In
February 2024 the first growth of the season was picked, gently rolled by hand and oxidized over night. The result is long, twisted, dark green and browned curls that unfurl to reveal the delicately handled leaves when steeped. The dry leaf has a fruity, floral aroma that opens up to a bright, piney note when hit with hot water. Take care to notice the developing aromas at each step of the brewing process, and enjoy several steepings at lower temperatures to get the most out of this refined selection.

A golden-yellow colored liquor is introduced by a rich, sweet aroma. The palate is medium bodied and smooth with a complex flavor profile. A light maltiness leads into mid tones of honey ending with a floral note and lush finish.

Color: Golden
Aroma: Sweet, Rich
Palate: Medium Body, Smooth
Finish: Lush

Top Notes: Malt, Brioche
Mid Notes: Honey
End Notes: Floral

Date of Harvest: February 2024
Cultivar: Clonal AV2
Grade: FTGFOP1 (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)
Elevation: 5500 - 7000ft (1675 - 2135m)

How to Make Darjeeling Tea:
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 185ºf (85ºc)
Steep Time: 3 minutes
2nd/3rd Steep Time: 3 minutes