Keemun Black Dragon First Grade

Keemun Black Dragon First Grade

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This wonderful, early season Keemun Mao Feng is the first-made tea of all the Keemun grades. Grown only in Qimen County, in the southeast of Anhui Province, this favorite tea is from the unique cultivar called Xiao Chu Ye Zhong, or “small leaf tea,” and rightfully so because the leaves are unusually tiny. Hand processed, whole-leaf and made with more leaf buds than some of the later season grades, it tends to be a lighter and more aromatic cup.

Our Keemun Xiao Chu Ye Zhong has a dry leaf aroma that is sweet with a hint of honey and peppery spice. The tea is oxidized at a high humidity and roasted on charcoal, creating a delightful tea with floral accents, notes of cocoa and spice, and sweet honey. 

Harvest time: spring 2022

How to Brew this Tea:
Amount of Tea per 8 oz water – 1 heaping teaspoon
Water Temperature - 200º
Time of Steeping - 3-5 minutes