Large Leaf Sheng Puerh

Large Leaf Sheng Puerh

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This high quality Sheng Puerh has been aged since 1996 offering an elegant, balanced brew. The aromas and flavors are fresh and robust. Add this refined selection to your personal collection or give it as a perfect gift for tea lovers.

The dry leaves are dark brown, variable in size and shape, and lightly bended and twisted. They give off a fresh, earthy aroma of arid soil. Once steeped they appear dark, and stewed with a dark brown, reddish color. Aromatic notes of sweet, aged mahogany are revealed alongside the change in color.

The brewed tea has a deep amber color with a garnet tint, offering a light, fresh, mossy aroma. The palate is balanced and clean with a light, lingering finish. Notes of fresh, dry soil lead to mid-tones of sweet umami mid-tones, ending with lingering mahogany.

Color: Amber, Garnet Tint
Aroma: Fresh, Minerality, Mossy
Palate: Medium Body, Balanced
Finish: Lingering 

Top Notes: Minerality, Fresh Dry Soil
Mid Notes: Sweet Umami
End Notes: Aged Mahogany

How to Make Puerh Tea:
English Style
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 6oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 3 minutes
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 3 minutes
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade

Chinese Style (Gongfu)
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 4oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 20 Seconds
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 20 Seconds
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade