Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

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This wonderful flavored green tea is a newly created blend exclusive to The Boulder Tea Company. Starting with a Chun Mee green tea, we then added lemon peel, lavender flowers, cornflower petals along with natural lemon and lavender flavors. This green tea tastes like a beautiful summer day, with a bright lemon citrus flavor accompanied by rich floral notes of lavender.

Ingredients: Green Tea, lemon peel, lavender, cornflower, natural lemon and lavender flavors.

How to Brew this Tea: 
Amount of Tea per 6 oz water – 1 teaspoon
Water Temperature - 185º 
Time of Steeping - 3-4 minutes

Iced Tea: Brew as above and chill or double the amount of tea and pour over a full glass of ice.