Mystic Mountain™ Mao Feng Green Tea - Organic

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Made from leaves grown in the Huangshan mountains, one of China’s oldest known growing regions, this organic selection is a perfect representation of Chinese green tea. Huangshan Maofeng is one of the oldest and most famous cultivars from China. This variety is harvested in early spring and meticulously hand crafted to form lengthy, tightly rolled dry leaves. Enjoy this classic, organic tea to taste the centuries old tradition of the Huangshan mountains.

Contemporary records show that Huangshan Maofeng, the original cultivar of Keemun tea, was first cultivated in the Huangshan mountains some time before the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 CE). This makes the mountains one of the oldest known growing regions in China. Grown at elevations over 800m (2625ft), in a monsoon heavy climate the tea plants are exposed to cold, dry winters, and monsoon heavy summers. The heavy rain fall in summer offers the plants much of their water, followed dormant winter months, which then drives nutrients to the leaves when the weather warms in spring.

A pale, clear cup has a light, nutty aroma. The flavor is medium bodied with notes of spring hay, with a light, buttery finish.

Color: Pale Green
Aroma: Light, Nutty
Palate: Full body, Sweet Grass
Finish: Light Buttery

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 heaping teaspoon
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 180º
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes