Milk Oolong

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Jin Xuan tea, or Milk Oolong is one of the most famous and recognizable Taiwanese tea selections. This cultivar was developed over a 21 year period and is now known for its naturally rich, creamy, buttery flavors and aromas. Pair this rich selection with scones, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd for an indulgent treat.

The Jin Xuan cultivar is grown at many altitudes with the high mountain varieties exhibiting more pronounced creamy characteristics, and lower grades being produced with additives to bring out the natural qualities of the strain. Some imitation “milk tea” may be made with lower quality oolong not from the Jin Xuan cultivar. This variety is made from hand picked Jin Xuan leaves, grown in Nantou County in Taiwan 1,100 meters (3,609 feet), delicately enhanced by the tea master. For a completely natural Jin Xuan option enjoy our Bamboo Mountain Jin Xuan.

A pale yellow liquor has rich, nutty aromas. The palate is bright, and lush with a lingering, buttery finish. Introduced by top notes of citrus midtones of cream with a sustained mention of cashew.

Color: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Rich, Nutty
Palate: Bright, Lush
Finish: Lingering, Buttery

Top Note: Citrus
Mid Note: Cream
End Note: Cashew

How to Make Oolong Tea:
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 195º - 205º
Steep Time: 2-3 minutes
2nd/3rd Steep Time: 2 minutes

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