Mother's Day Bouquet Blend

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Treat Mom with our lovely Mother’s Day Black Tea Blend. We’ve chosen a balanced blend of Chinese, Indian, and Sri Lankan selections and paired them with notes of vanilla, rose petals, orange blossoms, jasmine and lemongrass to create a bright, fragrant and refreshing treat. Enjoy this refreshing blend during a Spring day in the garden.

Chinese Keemun, Yunnan, and Indian Assam are highly regarded for their rich, malty qualities, while premium Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is well known for it’s brighter, piney quality. Fresh, floral ingredients invoke a bouquet of aromas and flavors, tied together with a touch of vanilla.

The amber colored liquor has a toasted, floral aroma. The palate is sweet, and nutty with an aromatic finish. Notes of jasmine and rose lead to flavors of toasted orange, with endnotes of malt.

Color: Amber
Aroma: Floral, Toasted
Palate: Sweet, Nutty
Finish: Aromatic

Top Note: Jasmine-Rose
Mid Note: Toasted Orange
End Note: Malt

How to Make Black Tea
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 212º
Steep Time: 4-5 minutes

How to Make Iced Tea
Amount: ½ cup
Cold Water: 1 Gallon
Water Temperature: Cold
Steep Time: 8-12 Hours Refrigerated