Houjicha - Organic

Houjicha - Organic

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Certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan our organic Houjicha is grown with organic fertilizers, and no agricultural chemicals or pesticides. This Japanese green tea is produced by gently toasting green Sencha leaves until they turn a brownish color. When toasted the leaves develop a rich, nutty flavor. Brighten your mornings with this incredible selection rich in Catechin and Vitamin C.

Typically toasted in porcelain pots the tea leaves are exposed to temperatures up to 150 ºC (302 ºF). Keeping them at or below this temperature prevents oxidation, which in turns maintains a lower caffeine content. This results in a rich, flavorful selection with less caffeine than a black tea.

An almond colored liquor has toasted, nutty aromas. Lite flavors of umami and brine are balanced by a clean, woody finish.

Color: Almond
Aroma: Toasted, Nutty
Palate: Lite, Umami, Brine
Finish: Clean, Woody

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 teaspoon
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 180º
Steep Time: 2-4 minutes