Sencha - Organic

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Sencha is the most popular Japanese green tea. This variety is harvested in Uji, a city just south of Kyoto. The leaves are picked, steamed for around 20 seconds, then rolled and dried. This is in contrast to the Chinese green tea processing method of pan roasting the leaves. Applying heat at low cooking temperatures deactivates enzymes in the leaves, preventing oxidization. Enjoy this tea to wake up in the morning, or pair it with seafood, chicken, and tempura for a well balanced meal.

This organic tea is grown in strict accordance with the standards of the National Organic Program in Japan. This selection is gathered from gardens in Uji, where cultivation was said to have begun in the early 13th century, during the Kamakura period. The Ōishita Saibai method of growing was created in this area in the late 16th century. The tea plants are shaded with a roof made of straw, reeds, or other material. This prevents photosynthesis and produces sweeter flavors. Leaves grown with this method are said to have been used to make the first ever matcha powder.

The green tinted liquor has light, umami aromas. The palate is rich with notes of sweet grass and brine, ending with a smooth, aromatic finish

Color: Green Tint
Aroma: Light Umami
Palate: Rich, Sweet Grass, Brine
Finish:  Smooth Aromatic

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 teaspoon
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 170º
Steep Time: 3 minutes