Yerba Mate - Organic

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This is traditional Yerba Mate (organic), the preferred daily brew for millions of South Americans who treasure its uplifting, invigorating and nourishing (it contains a diversity of nutrients in small quantities) properties. It is also very much a communal and social beverage, best enjoyed in a group. Yerba Mate was first cultivated and used by the Guaraní people in Brazil who enjoyed it as a daily beverage and sustaining, nourishing brew. We love our Yerba Mate brewed strong and with a splash of honey or stevia. Caffeinated

How to Brew this Tea: 

Amount of Tea per 6 oz water – 1 teaspoon
Water Temperature - 170º 
Time of Steeping - 4-10 minutes

Iced Tea: Brew as above and chill or double the amount of tea and pour over a full glass of ice.