Private Reserve

Private Reserve

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This premium Chinese green tea comes from the private reserve of our suppliers at the Phoenix Collection. These high quality leaves brew a classic Chinese green with balanced, refined flavors. Enjoy this elegant selection as part of your fine tea collection or give it is a perfect gift for tea lovers. 

The dry leaves are a dark mossy green color. They are small, young leaves twisted and curled into tight uniform spirals. They give off a rich, sweet umami aroma with notes of grassiness and brioche. Once steeped they brighten in color, and unfurl into long twisted strands revealing light russeting. The stewed leaves have a light toasty aroma, and more prominent grassy notes. 

The liquor is pale yellow with a light green tint. The aroma is light, and smooth. The palate is medium bodied with balanced flavors, and a lush finish. Top notes of umami introduce sweet, toasty mid tones ending with a light grassy touch.

Color: Pale Yellow, Green Tint
Aroma: Light, Smooth
Palate: Medium Body, Balanced
Finish: Lush

Top Notes: Umami
Mid Notes: Sweet, Toasty
End Notes: Light, Grassy


How to Make Green Tea:

English Style
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 6oz
● Water Temperature: 170ºf (75ºc)
● Steep Time: 2 minutes

Chinese Style (Gongfu)
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 4oz
● Water Temperature: 170ºf (75ºc)
● Steep Time: 10 Seconds
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 10 Seconds
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade