Liu An Heicha - Puerh Basket

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This unique puerh tea is wrapped in large leaves, packed into small baskets, and aged. The result is an incredibly unique tea with refined woody qualities typically associated with puerh along with sweet, fruity, and chocolatey notes. Share this selection with all of your guests as an interesting conversation piece to start or finish a meal.

The dry leaves are small and twisted. They are a dark black color with touches of brown
throughout, giving off a rich aroma with notes of cocoa and sweet woodiness. Once steeped they open slightly and take on a dark reddish hue, revealing a sweet fruity aroma like that of stewed raspberries.

The liquor is a clear amber color with a touch of garnet. It has aromas of aged cedar, raspberry, and cocoa with a medium bodied palate, and lush finish. Bright notes of granite lead to a sweet touch of fruit and chocolate, ending with a refined hint of aged cedar.

Color: Amber, Garnet Tint
Aroma: Aged Cedar, Cocoa, Raspberry
Palate: Medium Body, Balanced
Finish: Lush

Top Notes: Bright, Granite
Mid Notes: Sweet, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate
End Notes: Aged Cedar

How to Make Puerh Tea:
English Style
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 6oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 3 minutes
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 3 minutes
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade

Chinese Style (Gongfu)
● Amount: 1 tsp
● Hot Water: 4oz
● Water Temperature: 195ºf (90ºc)
● Steep Time: 20 Seconds
● 2nd+ Steep Time: 20 Seconds
*Infuse until flavor and aroma fade