Papaya Rose

Papaya Rose

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This fruity flavored green tea is made with China Sencha, papaya pieces (papaya sugar), rose petals, strawberry pieces, and additional flavoring. The blend is a sweet juicy selection perfect for hot brewing or for cold brew iced tea. Sip this refreshing selection on a warm summer afternoon to rejuvenate your day.

China Sencha is grown in China and processed using the Japanese steaming technique to preserve color and flavor, and halt oxidation. The sweet, nutty flavors of the tea are balanced with the fruity flavors of papaya and strawberry, accented by a light floral touch of rose.

The pale almond colored liquor has a sweet, candy-like aroma. The flavor is fruity with a refreshing finish. Top notes of papaya lead into mid tones of strawberry with light end notes of rose.

Color: Pale Almond
Aroma: Sweet, Candy-Like
Palate: Fruity
Finish: Refreshing

Top Note: Papaya
Mid Note: Strawberry
End Note: Rose

How to Make Green Tea
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 180º
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

How to Make Iced Tea
Amount: ½ cup
Cold Water: 1 Gallon
Water Temperature: Cold
Steep Time: 4-6 Hours Refrigerated

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