Rocky Mountain Mint™ Herbal - Sachets

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Rocky Mountain Mint is one of our signature herbal tea blends. The bright, refreshing flavor is perfect with meals and to calm the nerves. Enjoy this mint tea as a daily addition to your morning routine, or as a light way to relax.

This organic blend combines peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen into a symphony of bright, refreshing flavors. The mix is rounded off with a touch of chamomile.

A yellow tinted cup introduces a full, minty aroma. The palate is balanced, and floral with a refreshing finish. Top notes of peppermint give way to mid tones of spearmint with endnotes of chamomile.

Color: Yellow Tint
Aroma: Full, Minty
Palate: Balanced, Floral
Finish: Refreshing

Top Note: Peppermint
Mid Note: Spearmint
End Note: Chamomile

How to Make Herbal Tea
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6 oz
Water Temperature: 212º
Steep Time: 4-10 minutes

How to Make Iced Tea
Amount: ½ cup
Cold Water: 1 Gallon
Water Temperature: Cold
Steep Time: 8-12 Hours Refrigerated