Tea Sampler Set - 5 Teas

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Our Tea Sampler Set is a wonderful way to experience the five classic styles of tea; black, green, oolong, white and herbal. 

Boulder Breakfast™ Black - Our Teahouse signature breakfast blend is an uplifting pick-up anytime. Boulder Breakfast™ is a hearty blend of malty Indian Assam, with the sherry-rich notes of Chinese Keemun, and the complex brightness of Chinese Yunnan. 

Four Seasons Oolong - This classic oolong tea was founded accidentally by a tea farmer in the Mu Zha area in Taipei. This farmer happened to notice that some of his tea plants were growing exceptionally fast while his other regular tea plants were not even beginning to bud. So he nurtured & planted a field of this tea and discovered he could get up to 7 or 8 harvests per year. It could even be harvested in early or late winter, and was therefore named Four Seasons Oolong.  Elegant, fresh and flowery.

Organic Mystic Mountain™ Green - The quintessential Chinese green tea.  Mao Feng is meticulously harvested and hand-crafted in the early Spring with the leaves gently rolled with great uniformity, presenting a full-flavored, yet complex green tea. 

Organic Rocky Mountain Mint™ Herbal - Refreshing organic peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen dance in sensory harmony with the honey apple notes afforded by a touch of chamomile.

White Peony - This spring-picked white tea consists of both unopened tea buds and the top two leaves which are all allowed to leisurely wither in the sun. The result is an optimum – minimal - dash of oxidation and therefore astringency, offset by complex flavor hints of floral and fruit blossoms.

Packed in our new, custom designed box with artful elements from The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, this sampler set offers a foundational set of five classic teas.

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