"Monkey-Picked" Ti Kuan Yin - Competition Oolong

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Legend says that monks trained monkeys to pick the finest of leaves from high bushes growing high on cliffs. The “Monkey Picked” versions we see today refer to the highest grades available, put forward to compete in front of global tea experts. Tieguanyin “Iron Goddess of Mercy”, named for the goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, is the most celebrated Chinese Oolong tea. The in depth processing method results in a rich, flavorful, complex selection. Take a moment to savor this selection midday or pair it with lightly spiced chicken or seafood.

Tieguanyin originated in Anxi, Fujian province during the 19th century. The bushes are best grown between 400 - 1,000 meters in elevation. The leaves are plucked, withered in the sun, cooled, tossed, withered again, fixated (heating the leaves to halt oxidization), rolled, and dried.

The result is a yellow tinted oolong tea with fresh, floral aromas of jasmine that introduce a complex palate of fresh umami and earthy terroir with a clean, floral finish. Top notes of fresh umami give way to a touch of lemon zest, completed by light jasmine endnotes.

Learn more about the Legend of Ti Kuan Yin from our article here.

Color: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Fresh, Floral, Jasmine
Palate: Fresh Umami, Earthy Terroir
Finish: Clean, Floral 

Top Note: Fresh Umami
Mid Note: Lemon Zest
End Note: Jasmine

How to Make Oolong Tea:
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 180º
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes
2nd Steep Time: 3 minutes