Gift Set- Two Teas

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This Gift Set includes two loose leaf tea tins. Offering 11 varieties to choose from, this Gift Set offers the perfect tea for any occasion. 

Two Tea Gift Sets Offered:

- Allergy Aid™ & Cough Calmer™ Organic Wellness Teas
- Elderberry Ginger Antiviral Tea™ & Feel Better Brew™  Organic Anti-Viral Wellness Teas
- Daily Detox™ & Sleep Deep Tea™ Organic Rejuvenation Wellness Teas
- Bamboo Mountain & Ti Kuan Yin Oolongs
- Colorado White Peach™ & White Peony White Teas
- Boulder Breakfast™ & Organic Mystic Mountain™ House Teas
- Boulder Tangerine™ & Organic Rocky Mountain Mint™ Herbal Teas
- Lung Ching "Dragon Well" & Mystic Mountain™ Organic Green Teas
- Organic Persian Peppermint™ & Snow Blossom™ Green Teas
- Blue Moon™ & Lady Grey's Garden™ Black Teas
- Boulder Breakfast™ & Namring Darjeeling Black Teas