Wellness Tea Gift Set - 3 Teas

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Our Wellness Tea Gift Set includes three of our exclusive wellness teas which have been hand blended using only the finest organic herbs and botanicals.

Organic Cold Comfort™ (2.9oz) -  A traditional blend of healing herbs to support during times of cold and flu. Add a bit of honey to sweeten.

Organic Daily Detox™ (1.9oz) - A gentle blend of herbs designed to support liver function, cleanse the blood, and move lymph through the body.

Organic Tender Tummy™ (2.6oz) - Tummy aches are no fun, but our Tender Tummy™ is the easy solution. Brew a soothing cup anytime your belly needs a warming, supportive push to get back on track. So sip away and let your tummy smile every day. 

Packed in our new, custom designed box with artful elements from The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, this gift set offers three wellness teas, hand built and formulated to enhance wellness and promote optimal health.