Wellness Tea Sampler Set - 5 Teas

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This Wellness Sampler Set is a great introduction to our extensive and proprietary line of wellness teas. 

Organic Cough Calmer™ - A proprietary blend of herbs to soothe a sore throat and reduce cough. 

Organic Elderberry Ginger Antiviral™ - This exclusive blend of organic herbs includes botanical allies that help boost the body's ability to fight viral infection, boost energy, and support wellness.

Organic Feel Better Brew™ - Help your body through minor health challenges or high stress with our time-tested blend of nourishing herbs. Next time you feel a little ‘off your game’, put on the kettle and sip your way back on track with a cup of Feel Better Brew™.

Organic Tender Tummy™ - Tummy aches are no fun, but our Tender Tummy™ is the easy solution. Brew a soothing cup anytime your belly needs a warming, supportive push to get back on track. So sip away and let your tummy smile every day. 

Organic Tranquility Tea™ - In the afternoon and evening, we often reach for a cup or pot of Tranquility Tea™ to soothe, calm and help us unwind naturally.

Packed in our new, custom designed box with artful elements from The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, this sampler set offers five wellness teas, hand built and formulated to enhance wellness and promote optimal health.

Dimensions: 8.5" L  X 1.8" W  X 7.8" H