White Peony "Bai Mu Dan"

White Peony "Bai Mu Dan"

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White Peony tea is a classic Chinese selection showcasing the natural qualities of white teaThe sweet, floral liquor is lightly caffeinated and high in antioxidants. Enjoy this classic variety as a mellow way to start your morning or to brighten your afternoon.

Bai Mu Dan, or White Peony, is a Chinese white tea made from two leaves and a bud of the Da Bai (Big White) varietal. Grown in Fujian, China at high altitudes in cool climates, the plants are blanketed in mist encouraging nutrients to be stored in the leaves. This produces a light, balanced flavor profile.

An almond colored cup has a light, toasted aroma. The palate is sweet, and floral with a light, buttery finish. Hints of sweet grass are complimented by midtones of nuttiness, with a touch of lemon zest.

Color: Almond
Aroma: Light, Toasted
Palate: Sweet, Floral
Finish: Light, Buttery

Top Note: Sweet Grass
Mid Note: Nuttiness
End Note: Lemon Zest

How to Make White Tea:
Amount: 1 tspn (heaping)
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 180º