White Puerh Bud

White Puerh Bud

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This aged, white, sheng puerh tea is grown in Yunnan Province, one of the most historic tea growing regions, located in southern China. This selection is skillfully aged, offering a fine aroma and palate that develops over many steepings. Brew these elegant leaves up to 10 times to show off to your more experienced friends and family.

Each dry leaf consists of one leaf and one bud, the leaf delicately wrapped around the bud into an elongated oval shape. The outside of the uniform rolls are pale green in color, with dark tips, and covered in many white hairs (baihao) giving them a soft feel like that of lamb’s ear. A light mahogany aroma is given off by the dry leaves. The leaves slowly unfurl more and more over each steep, revealing dark sage, and purplish colored leaves on the inside. Earthy aromas of leather and smoke come from the stewed leaves.

The liquor is clear, with a reddish tint, and many white hairs. The early steepings give off a delicate aroma of sweet mahogany, with refined flavors of alfalfa, exhibiting characteristics of a fine puerh tea. Later steeps offer more complex flavors opening up brighter notes of brine, and a light floral touch reminiscent of first flush white teas. Each steep finishes with breathy notes of leather and smokiness.

Color: Clear, Reddish Tint
Aroma: Sweet Mahogany
Palate: Woodiness, Alfalfa, Brine, Floral
Finish: Light Leather/Smoke

How to Make Puerh Tea:
Amount: 1 tsp
Hot Water: 6oz
Water Temperature: 170ºf (75ºc)
Steep Time: 3 minutes
2nd+ Steep Time: 1 minutes
*Infuse until flavor and color fade